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      • +420 603 110 967
      • Full-Time Linguist since 2004
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      • Tyrsova 188, Lodenice, Czechia
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      • CZ7910290212
  • Pavel Kraus

    Translator & Localization Specialist into Czech and Slovak
    Full-Time Linguist Since 2004

    I am eager to help you with localization of your content. I am used to working with both end-users (B2C) as well as in a team for translation agencies (B2B).

    My daily output is ca. 4000 words (15 - 20 pages). I strive to meet all requirements of my clients. Terms and deadlines can always be arranged individually.


Every single service has its peculiarities. But if you are able to combine them all, you get what you are looking for.

Localization of Content


"It's not as complicated as it looks, but it's not so simple that everyone can do it."



  • Global supplier of e-commerce solution and streaming video, translation of marketing communication, ongoing project
  • European rental centers of machines and tools, HR and marketing communication (English, Dutch), ongoing project
  • Major coffee producer, translation of press releases and marketing materials, ongoing project
  • National Airlines, translation of marketing communication, client newsletters, ongoing project.
  • Global manufacturer of photographic equipment, translation of marketing documents, campaign 2012 - 2015, ongoing project
  • Finnish manufacturer of paints & coatings, translation of official website

Specialization : high


  • Vehicle manufacturers - Germany, Czechia, Spain, Japan, translation of technical manuals, guidelines for sales representatives, ongoing project
  • Automation and Robotics, technical documentation, ongoing project
  • Construction machinery, technical manuals, sales catalogs, ongoing project
  • Woodworking machinery and equipment, user manuals, technical data sheets, CNC interfaces ongoing project
  • Global technical manufacturers, technical guides and user manuals, internal HR documents, ongoing project

Specialization : high


  • Manufacturer of diagnostic imaging equipment, translation of technical and implementation guides, ongoing project
  • Leader in Clinical Trial Management Solutions, translation of clinical trials, development of drugs, medical devices and clinical development, ongoing project
  • Contract Research Organization for Drug Development, translation of clinical trials, ongoing project
  • Organization for Drug Development, services needed to recruit, enroll and retain patients for your clinical trials), translation of clinical trials, legal documents for patients, ongoing project
  • Network of private health centers, Central and Eastern Europe, translation of HR and internal documentation, ongoing project

Specialization : high


  • Major manufacturer of global antivirus and IT security solutions, translation of marketing communication, user guides, ongoing project (EN-CS, SK)
  • Manufacturer of mobile devices, translation of marketing materials, campaign 2012, localization of communication devices, ongoing project (EN-CS, SK)
  • Producer of digital products, translation and localization of desktop software, ongoing project
  • Producer of online games, translation of dialogues, user manuals, players’ communication, ongoing project (EN-CS, SK)

Specialization : high


  • Debt collection company from airlines, legal documents, websites, multilingual, ongoing project
  • Global manufacturer of human and veterinary medicinal products, agreements, business contracts, large project (CS->EN)
  • Global manufacturer of pharmaceuticals, agreements, trial studies, ongoing projects (EN-CS

Specialization : high


  • Global Research Society in Natural Sciences, HR documents, Press Releases, magazin articles, ongoing project (EN-CS)
  • Trading companies in commodity markets, Key Informations for Investors, Press Releases, Instructions for traders, Ongoing project (EN-CS)

Specialization : high


IT Specialist

  • Hardware Configuration And Maitenance
  • Software Installations And Remote Support
  • Localization and Network Management

Year : 2004-2008

DTP/Multimedia Specialist

  • Adobe products (InDesign, FM, PM, IL)
  • Dynamic graphics and bitmaps -
  • Subtitling of Multimedia Content
  • Creating documents and manuals - offline/online

Year : 2006-2008

Software Trainer

  • Training Of Employees And Clients
  • Microsoft/Unix Products
  • Localization Software Administation & Management

Year : 2006-2013

Translation & Localization Specialist

  • Negotiation And Closing of Business Cases
  • Language And Localization Consultancy
  • Long-term And Short-term Project Management
  • AND Of Course Daily Translation Routine

Year : 2011 until now


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+420 603 110 967


Tyrsova 188

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